29 Critical Questions To Ask A REALTOR Before You List

Question No. 2 “How do you approach your work?”

What you should be looking for, first and foremost, is an honest knowledgeable individual, who works full-time. One who represents a solid and reputable real estate agency, and will treat your best interests as paramount.

Length of time in the business: You need to work with someone who knows the business and is confident in this business. New agents can be hungry and may work hard for you. The danger in using an un-seasoned agent is the information they “don’t” know.

Track record of success: How many homes has this agent listed and sold? Lots of agents list homes that never sell or sit on the market for ever and sell below market, good agents sell homes quickly and for top dollar.

Previous experience: Can this agent not only get you a contract but can they get you to the closing table with little or no headache? The past experience of the agent you choose can be priceless to you.

Expertise in and knowledge of the local real estate market: Does this agent know the market he/she is working in? Are they familiar with the market trends in your area?

All of these are very important factors to consider.


While the right agent to market your home may not be number one in every aspect, you want to make sure that the person you hire is a well-rounded individual whom you can trust and respect as a professional. Feeling comfortable with your agent and have an open dialog with them will make your sale go much easier.