29 Critical Questions To Ask A Houston Heights and Houston’s Inner Loop Area REALTOR Before You List

Question No. 1 “Could you send me some information about yourself?”

You can often get a good idea of which agents are most professional and most committed by looking at their personal marketing materials-brochures, direct mail, listing presentation book, etc.

Call each name on your list and ask them to send out any information they can before you actually meet with them for a listing presentation. When you get the personal brochure or other materials, look them over and determine your initial impression of this person.

          Are the materials they presented professional?

If not, you might ask yourself.

         “If they don’t have the wherewithal to properly market themselves, how will they market my home?”

Also, keep track of how quickly and efficiently they respond to your request for the information. Are they friendly, helpful? Or just pushy and hungry for a listing?

Does this seem like someone you would be interested in talking with? If they aren’t organized and professional enough to respond promptly to your request to find out more about them, they’ll probably handle potential buyers for your home the same way.

If you like the way they respond to you and are impressed with the information they supply, call them and invite them to make a listing presentation to you.

          It’s always a good practice to meet with more then one potential agent before making a final decision-usually three or four.

Just make sure that you don’t meet with more then one from the same company. This could cause internal strife which would be counterproductive in marketing your home.

Each additional question you ask your potential new Realtor will allow you to get to know him\her better and determine if this is going to be someone you are going to feel comfortable working with. Not every Realtor is created equal, find one that you can get along with and trust.